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Layer: Chester County Basemap Features 201306 (ID: 9)

Name: Chester County Basemap Features 201306

Display Field: LANDSCAPE

Type: Feature Layer

Geometry Type: esriGeometryPolygon

Description: On November 9th, the Chester County Board of Commissioners adopted Landscapes2 as the official long range policy plan for Chester County. This GIS Dataset is a representation of the Landscapes identified in the plan. The concept of livable landscapes provides a framework for protection and growth strategies within Chester County. The map provides a guide for accommodating expected future growth while maintaining the quality of life in the county. The Livable Landscapes map is divided into two core areas, growth areas and rural resource areas, as prescribed by the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code. The growth areas consist of the urban landscape and the suburban landscape. The rural resource areas consist of the agricultural landscape and the rural landscape. The natural landscape exists throughout the county recognizing the important network of natural resources needing specific protection. Livable landscapes recognizes the diversity that makes Chester County a special place. Each landscape has a different character and is appropriate for different intensities and varieties of development. The urban and suburban landscapes can best accommodate future growth. The county will encourage future development to be concentrated in these landscapes. The rural and agricultural landscapes are least appropriate for intense growth. The county will not encourage development in these landscapes. Livable landscapes is not a land use map. Any land use can be found in each of the landscapes, but the mix and intensity of land uses will be different to preserve the character of each landscape.

Copyright Text: Chester County Planning Commission, November 9, 2009

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